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Faster 2010

Year: 2010
Quality: 720p / 1080p
Language: English
Genre: Action , Crime , Drama , Thriller
Cast: Dwayne Johnson , Carla Gugino , Jennifer Carpenter , Maggie Grace


A solitary man, as of late discharged from jail, searches out the general population from his past who he accepts deceived him. While he drives each to make amends for their transgressions, he should likewise confront what allotting retaliation will do to his everlasting soul. In the interim, he s not by any means the only one hoping to settle old scores. Enlisted by the man in charge of the occasions which lead him to jail, an erratic contract executioner takes after everything he might do. Scenes of them running into each other, here and there fiercely, are scattered with the professional killer s self-acknowledge of how to manage battles inside his own particular life. As though old foes and procured weapons aren t enough, a youthful female criminologist begrudgingly works close by a veteran agent looking to just survive his most recent two weeks on the power before retirement, as they search out the bold ex-con who has been bursting a way of fuel controlled devastation in his vintage Chevelle.

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